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Ethnic/Cultural Studies

Hello world!

My name is Diana Fajardo and I am a sophomore here at ECSU. My major is Early Childhood Education with Psychology and I am minoring in Spanish. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru for 11 years. Like every other family looking for the American dream, we decided to move to the United States. However, my dad had already moved here when I was little. Therefore, he decided to bring us with him so we can all live together. I lived in East Hartford first for two years. Then moved to East Windsor, which is where I’m currently living at. In East Hartford, I’ve got to see a lot of diversity. From the schools I attended, some came from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil (pretty much half of South America) and others from Mexico and Puerto Rico. It was easier for me to communicate with them because they all spoke Spanish. When I moved to East Windsor, I didn’t see a lot of diversity. Some were African Americans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans. However, towards the end of my high school year, a group of ex-changed students from France came and I got to interact with them and learned about their culture. I am definitely interested in an international education experience. Because my minor is Spanish and I am very fluent at it, I am planning to study abroad in Spain during my junior year so I can finish taking my credits there. I actually have family living up there and others in Italy as well. In the near future, I would like to live outside the US where is not that hot or cold.

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